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Medical Equipments

Since 2009, Dujat® has:

  1. Supply of medical devices.
  2. Supplying medical consumables.
  3. Furnishing hospitals and health.
  4. Prepare clean room according to the usp-797 /800 sittings:
    1. Hazardous preparation area iso class 7 (chemotherapy).
    2. Negative pressure isolation rooms (infection operating room).
    3. Positive pressure isolation rooms(immunodeficiency room ).
    4. Bone marrow transplantation lab bmt.
    5. Biological safety level 3 laboratory bsl3 (very highly infection ).
    6. Control room hospital burns room.
    7. Central splay sterile department.
    8. Central splay sterile department.
    9. Clean cold room (purpose of research ).
    10. Control environment room (chemo storage room ).
    11. Control environment room(nanotechnology).


Lighthouse USA will cooperate with the Center as a reference in the Middle East region, as it supervises the certification of dynamic, mechanical and environmental tests by its technical staff for its specialized equipment in the region.