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Parenteral Nutrition

What is Dujat®

Dujat® is a medical center for the preparation of Parenteral Nutrition (PN) and is licensed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

Outsource PN Services

Outsource IV services will provide oversight and responsibility for all aspects of production, including sterility, stability testing, delivery, and integrity of products.

First of its kind

Dujat® is a leading center, the first of its kind in the field of preparation of PN in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

High Standards

Dujat® establish an independent center to ensure the highest quality , highest sterilization techniques and the development of the services provided

Carefully Supervised

Dujat® supervised by a specialist clinical pharmacists in the field of PN, also works at the center trained and qualified pharmacists.

All over Saudi Arabia

We can provide our outsourcing services All over Saudi Arabia starting from Riyadh Reigon as the main office located there.

  • Benefit of PN services outsourcing:

    • Allow facilities to obtain all IV services from Dujat® the time they need.
    • Reduces need for manpower and overcome shortage of staff.
    • Minimise time needed for such preparation.
    • Minimize time required for preparation and decrease cost.
    • Shifts responsibility for staffing to outsource.
    • Decreases waste with extended BUD.
    • Increases perceived safety with USP <797> compliance as our Center will develop with all aseptic technique requirements.

    Simply you can outsource with us by contacting us here and contracting with us.

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  • What Dujat® offers after contracting:

    • We offer site visit so you can see our facility and work flow.
    • Training the hospital staff.
    • Copy of forms (Dujat® Order forms, Incident report form, Clinical consultation form, Clarification form).
    • Hot line (follow-up).
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  • Patient Care:

    • Individualized treatment "Selecting the best products for your patients" e.g. special AA(Amino Acids), trace elements for pediatric and infant, Organic phosphate for pediatric preparation to avoid precipitation .
    • Protocols for special diseases. e.g. { Liver patients - kidney patients - patients in critical care }
    • Provide a perfect environment to ensure the safety of the products Introduced to the patient.
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  • The center offer the training and consultation in the field of intravenous medications inside or outside the center.
  • Consulting for the construction of clean rooms.
  • Training of university students in the preparation of intravenous medications.
  • Clinical consultants in the field of intravenous nutrition.
  • Prepare Iso class 7 cleanroom (PN- IV )
  • Prepare Pharmaceutical manufacturer laboratories & facilities



Dujat® center Built on an area of 440 m2 as the first specialized center for the preparation of PN and IV medications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Center Departments:

  1. Sterile Prepare area (Buffer room) according to USP chapter 797.
  2. Gowning area (ante room) ISO class 7.
  3. Internal Reception area.
  4. Storage area with a separate entrance to maintain sterility.
  5. External receiving and delivering area provided with sterilizing hatched cabins.

* The communication between the external and internal areas through sterilizing hatched cabins.

Saudi Food and Drug Authority
Center works according to the ASPEN guideline